Gosh, a year’s gone by…

05 Feb

DSC01076Ancient statue of Buddha at maha-chaitya stupa,  Nagarjuna Sagar, India

It’s February, a weird unusually mild winter month in Canada. Makes me nervous. Because there’s usually a revenge that Mother Nature has in mind in the form of a blinding blizzard up here in Canada. It’s past Whiarton Willie time or the Groundhog Day.  He/she did see its shadow on February 2, so that means another 6 weeks of winter.  Or, shitty weather at least.

Have been reading a lot about the meaning of soul, especially how it is understood in Buddhism these past few months. Telltale sign I’m getting older? Maybe. Winter months kind of make me look inward I’ve always found. Curl up with a good book or search for documentaries on UnoTelly or Netflix with more depth and meaning. Not sure any depth or much meaning are these days to be found on prime time TV, which I was more than happy to abandon a while ago. Colossal waste of money to pay for the cable service and not find much of interest in the hundreds of commercial channels available…

I’m probably not “normal” (by North American standards) to leave TV behind, but why do I think those channels are mostly about conformity? The trouble is I’ve now raised the bar of intelligence much higher and, well, just can’t go back even if I got free cable TV for the rest of my life. Hmm. A snob? Maybe, but I now value my free time more and like spending it wisely. This has got to do with getting older.

Have been ruminating about acceptance a lot. It’s a concept that I knew so very little about until I started to lose people I love to illnesses. Some to premature deaths, others just because their time had come. Accepting the inevitable was what hit me hard, and then I started learning to accept a whole bunch of other limitations. Not yet clear what it all means, but I’ll pursue the quest. Pursuit is more what it feels like.  To be continued.

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