Life post TV

21 Apr
Classic TV

Classic TV

Our first TV

Our first TV

It was 1957 when dad bought our very first TV. Black & white, tube with a 17″screen, wow! All I remember is that at 4 p.m. weekdays all the neighbourhood kids squeezed into our small living room to watch some kids show. Come to think of it…didn’t need any parental controls on the TV programs those days!

I remember being so proud of my dad buying the first TV on our block. How cool it was…I also remember tricking our parents to believing we weren’t watching the late night movie with nudity they watched. That’s cuz they thought we were asleep in the next room, only 3 of us were taking turns to peep through the key hole of the closed door. Snippets of risqué love scenes were better than none at the grand age of 6!

Now 50+ years later when I could get a state-of-the-art plasma TV with the bells&whistles that were unthinkable back in the 50’s, I’ve given up on watching TV. Yup. Don’t have a TV nor the monthly cable or satellite service, either. And guess what? I don’t miss it at all, honestly. Thought first I’d be watching TV dramas on my laptop, but I actually do it once in a blue moon. I’ve replaced the mindless hours of lying on the couch, muting and unmuting the skull-numbing commercials to get the show with…yes…with TIME. OK, I watch Netflix. But the difference is that I enjoy watching great films and hot docs, even some past best due date TV shows with full control of when and where. Now I control my time.

What I love the most about not having a TV is that I’m doing something else with my time. I read more, write more, I spend more quality time with people and outdoors…wish I could say I exercise more, but not yet. At least I’m not couch potatoing as much, and I’d like to think my brain’s more alive and doing better than registering TV trivia. Life post TV addiction is actually really cool. So, what about watching news, or late night talk shows, or Downton Abbey on PBS? How can I live without them? Easily. Reading Flipboard on my smart phone – thanks to Huffington Post and others gives me what I need. Never really watched late night shows regularly. And, why get hooked on yet another early 20th century costume parade Britcom albeit superbly acted? Besides, all the episodes end up on Netflix anyway.

No, life post TV is actually a choice I’m happy to say is here to stay. Haven’t really felt this alive for a long time. Think about what you did BEFORE you got your first TV in your household? Hmm…

Chique TV decor

Chique TV decor


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2 responses to “Life post TV

  1. LK

    May 3, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    Just spent six months in a TV household and have recently come back to my non-TV household and I am definitely struggling with it. Got re-addicted in those six months and have now quit cold-turkey again.


    • peelinglayers

      May 28, 2014 at 1:51 pm

      Yes!!! You put it well, TV is darn addictive and what I learned was that watching it made me give up on doing so many other things that are much enjoyable, such as reading and spending time with friends.



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