Happy Diwali!

13 Nov

Modern Day Goddess Lakshmi – celebrating Diwali

Getting ready to go to my first ever Diwali party in Hyderabad tonight.  Bought a huge box of Diwali goodies – sweets and nuts – the customary gift to take to a household. Am expected to be dressed in the “traditional” style which means I’ll sport a blue kameez with the pantalons. An outfit I find rather uncomfortable, but I won’t stay long at the party as I’m sure I’ll be the only white westerner looking a bit or a lot out of place!

Especially, since I’m told the noise of the firecrackers start detonating en masse once the sun sets tonight!  These are not the crackers I know from Canada, oh no. These are like mini bombs that explode, startling and unpleasant if you ask me.

Looks like the modern festival of lights – Diwali – comes with the modern gimmicks. However, I do totally enjoy the tradition of lighting up small candles or oil in tiny clay dishes in the dark.  Diwali is the season for gift giving and receiving, so it really is like the Xmas season I grew up with.  Bringing light, music, sweets and gifts at the time when the days are so much shorter. The only difference in southern India is that the days are gloriously sunny and warm, not humid but just right.  A very lovely time of the year to be out at night with the moon hanging low above, and the sky studded with stars while you can almost touch the softness of the night air.  Velvety smooth.

Wishing everyone happy Diwali!  The joy of being alive to soak in the magic and mystery of ancient traditions.

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