What does culture mean to you…today?

07 Jan

Universally human

Happy New Year to all!  And hey, thanks for the support of my blog. Must say that it didn’t occur to me that folks actually read mine as I started this to keep friends informed back home. While I’ve read so many blogs of others,what was I thinking?  Of course people read blogs!. Great to discover this actually works; I’ve read a few truly amazing ones lately. Maybe I should try and get a life out there in the real world, eh?

I know I’m not the only expat blogging although maybe I’m one of the few who are still in that much culture shock that it’s easier somehow to keep blogging at home in my safe space…well, easier than making a special effort to connect more with the new culture in my free time. I’ve really been thinking about that word a lot lately. Culture. Kind of interesting to think about it as a global worker moving in and out of countries, languages,ports and planes while never really making much of a contact with anyone but passing by others like ships in the night. Hmmm…

The curious thing about traveling out of and back to India over the holiday season was that I got to welcome the new year at the Chennai Airport as the clock struck midnight…many like me picking up luggage off the carousel and pacing the halls waiting for whatever a.m. flight elsewhere. This working and living globally business has opened my eyes to see just how many people are on the move all the time. Didn’t matter it was New Year’s Eve….we keep moving in and out of time zones.  Life is lead so much more globally, or so it seems.  We meet at airports, shake hands as strangers to welcome a brand new year and rush off to the next check-in counter.

I guess I keep thinking about what the shrinking of the world is doing to our cultures? Are they shrinking, too?  Getting blended into each other is probably what’s happening more, and that’s not a bad thing or is it?  I’ve never been much of a supporter of dominant cultures at any rate, so hybridization is very good.  But I know a lot of folks who vehemently disagree with that perspective.  It is threatening, scary and even sacrilegious to some. 

What my wish for 2012 and beyond is that we could begin to break down the all too many barriers between people and maybe the meshing of cultures is just one of the ways it can start happening.  The curious thing about living and working globally is that people start to seem like we’re more alike. Honestly, as we get to know each other across the cultures and countries, we become familiar and form ties…and what emerges out of that at least the way I’m experiencing it is our humanity.  I like that more than all these differences.

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One response to “What does culture mean to you…today?

  1. Lidia

    January 23, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Amen to that!!



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