Crocodiles in the city

04 Dec

Crocodiles here?

Just had to add this tale Rohit, a truly remarkably skillful driver I had in Mumbai, told about the beautiful bay shown in the picture.

The morning we drove by, the local fishers – here they’re all fishermen – were already on the shore hauling in their catch. Now judging by the evidence of trash floating ashore, I silently prayed they actually caught something edible. OK, I know this is an automatic reaction by someone who’s been totally fortunate to have grown up by vast expanses of clean, oh yes, relatively clean rivers, lakes and the sea.  Isn’t just about everything we see relative to what we’ve known or experienced before?

Rohit was testing my non-existent Hindi which, had I known enough to follow the story, would have resulted in a more colourful rendition of the tale, I’m sure. So, the harrowing tale was of a local fisherman who had decided to wade out into the bay to check up on his net. Only, little did he know that a huge crocodile was in waiting among the floating mass of green. Well, you can fill in the rest.

Back in grade school, there would have been a morale to the story, right?  Hope the modern elementary school teachers do not do this any more but in my childhood, oh yes….look before you leap kind of “morale” would have applied here…or not?  What y’a think?

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Posted by on December 4, 2011 in travel journals


One response to “Crocodiles in the city

  1. Noella Markle

    December 4, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    Incredible! i do not envy you the heat but I do envy the esperience.



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