Globally Savvy

Globally Savvy

Welcome to my Home Page.

The Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary gives global the meaning of relating to, or involving the entire world – worldwide. When I think about that word, what comes to my mind is what Pico Iyer says about living globally as in his Ted Talk Where is Home? A person who may not necessarily live globally all the time but who thinks and acts internationally with a perspective that is more global than local.

Savvy is one of my favourite words in English. Because it comes from Latin sapere and means to be wise. Like to think of myself becoming more sage or wiser with experiences. And perhaps more globally savvy as a result of having lived, worked and experienced life on three continents.

Have been peeling layers through my travel blogs in India and back in Canada. The photo from Lotus Mahal temple in Hampi, Karnataka (India) shows the skillful layering of arches carved out of granite hundreds of years ago. Layering in stone has created this depth of vision and an open space that runs through the structure. The “peeling” of similar layers of depths in people interests me in human experience and in the cultures that we come from and now live in….the complex multi-layered experiences that we call life.

I am exploring the many meanings of cultures, living and working cross-culturally, and what living and communicating globally is all about. I invite you to share your visions and perspectives with me. Living now in Toronto, Canada reminds me how so many of us were born into one more specific culture but now live far more multi-culturally. Some of us continue to explore more closely the meaning of being global citizens – or if you like, the art of being globally savvy.


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